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Fabrizio Romano on his Career, SPL Growth, Summer Moves for Saudi & Euro Leagues

21 مايو 2024 12:59

In episode 6 of the ARLS podcast we have a very special guest in Fabrizio Romano, the biggest football journalist in the world with over 60m followers on social media.


Fabrizio shares the journey from his early career to becoming football's most trusted transfer journalist, the explosion of his social media accounts and how he developed his famous catchphrase "Here we go!".


We also discuss the Saudi League's growing clout, its influence on the global stage and the transfers shaping its future. Fabrizio gives his view on the league's perception among players and agents and covers how close Messi was to joining the Saudi League. Fabrizio also sheds light on how top clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester Utd and Arsenal are planning their next big moves.


This is an episode packed with insight and a must-listen for every football fan!



This episode is sponsored by Mayadeen:


Trailer  00:00

Behind the Scenes  1:02        

Start of career  3:22      

Building a network in football  6:01      

Here we go'  7:00        

Verifying transfer information 8:05      

Growing his social media following  9:08        

Impact of FFP on future transfers in Europe  9:53        

How big is his team? 11:04        

How are players valued? 12:45        

Perception of Saudi League in Global Context 15:01        

Saudi Teams in Champions League?  16:35      

Transfers to Saudi Teams 17:15        

Perception of Saudi League between Players & Agents  18:03      

Kevin De Bruyne/Mohammed Salah/Te Stegen  19:00      

Why didn't Messi join Saudi League? 19:04        

What improvements are needed for the Saudi League to grow  20:02        

Transfers for teams outside of PIF clubs  21:57  

Club's Transfer planning  22:45        

PIF buying Inter Milan?   23:47        

Barriers to buying Italian clubs?  25:00        

Saudi players joing teams abroad?   26:17      

Can Saudi league become the best league in the world?   27:52        

Barcelona  29:02      

Real Madrid  31:00      

Mbappe's Salary  32:05        

Liverpool  32:5      

Manchester Utd  33:2      

Chelsea 35:12      

Arsenal  36:17        

Biggest transfer Fabrizio was a part of  37:03      

Euro 2024  38:04      

Do people try to manipulate him with information?  40:15      

Biggest transfers this summer?  41:09        

Behind the Scenes  41:45


فابريزيو رومانو بودكاست مايكس


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Ivan Rakitic on Champions League, Saudi, Barca, Messi, Neymar, Iniesta & Modric

21 مايو 2024 12:53

In this episode, we delve into Ivan Rakitic's transition to Saudi football, alongside reflections on his distinguished career. Rakitic opens up about adapting to the Saudi league, revisiting his formative years at Basel, Schalke, and his pivotal roles at Sevilla and Barcelona. He offers insights into playing alongside icons like Messi, Neymar, and Suarez, sharing the nuances of team dynamics, tactical wisdom, and the intensity of playing for Barcelona.

Rakitic discusses his experiences with Al Shabab, the evolving prospects of the Saudi League, and his optimistic outlook for its development. The conversation also covers Croatia's remarkable journey to the World Cup final, and Rakitic's perspective on football legends Ronaldo and Mourinho.



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Ali Abdelaziz on Vision 2030, Crown Prince, Islam, Khabib and future Saudi champions

19 مايو 2024 11:36

In this episode of “All Roads Lead to Saudi” we explore the remarkable journey of Ali Abdelaziz, from his roots in Cairo to becoming the biggest manager in the UFC, representing stars like Khabib Nurmagomedov, Islam Makachev, Kamaru Usman and Henry Cejudo. As a co-founder of the Professional Fighters League (PFL), Abdelaziz discusses its growth, underscored by an investment of $100m from the Public Investment Fund.


Ali shares his insights on raising a religious family, the dominance of Muslim fighters in MMA, and his relationships with legends like Mike Tyson and Dana White. He also discusses the potential mega-fight between Islam Makachev and Conor McGregor, the rise of Middle Eastern champions, and the cultural impact of Saudi leadership on youth and sports.



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Ben Jacobs on 80bn SAR Saudi League Plan, Salah, De Bruyne, Benzema & Mbappe

19 مايو 2024 11:27

In this episode of "All Roads Lead to Saudi" we’re joined by leading European football journalist, Premier League commentator & talkSport Saudi League Correspondent Ben Jacobs. Ben discusses the ambitious plans of the Roshn Saudi League to spend 80bn SAR in the coming years to compete with the English Premier League, as well as the possibility of up to 20 star players joining in the summer window, including Salah, De Bruyne, Mbappe, Thiago, Son, Osimhen & Joe Gomez.


We also discuss up to 14 teams being privatized or owned by PIF in the league, the future of Benzema & Jose Mourinho inevitably coming to the RSL.


Other topics include how can the Saudi National Team compete at the World Cup in 2034, KSA delivering the best world cup ever and we finally find out which team Mutah supports!


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Jarrell Miller on Islam, relationships with 50 Cent, Jake Paul and Anthony Joshua

19 مايو 2024 11:20

In today's episode, we delve into an engaging interview with Jarrell Miller, a prominent boxing superstar in the heavyweight division. Miller showcased his talents on the ‘Day of Reckoning’ event that was held in Riyadh, KSA in December 2023. During his time here he embraced Islam, adding a new dimension to his already intriguing persona.

In this episode, Miller discusses his first impression of Saudi Arabia, the Quran bringing him to tears and converting to Islam, his relationships with 50 Cent and Jake Paul, his boxing beefs as well as how he spends his boxing fortune.


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Deontay Wilder on loving KSA, real estate investment & fighting Anthony Joshua

19 مايو 2024 11:16

Today’s episode is an amazing interview with one of the biggest superstars in #boxing - #Deontay Wilder. Also known as ‘The Bronze Bomber’, he will be fighting on Saturday 23rd December in #Riyadh on the biggest event in boxing history ‘Day of Reckoning’. The fight is part of a brilliant event organized by the General Entertainment Authority as part of Riyadh Season.


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